Beyond the Closet

Published : 06/10/2016 11:21:29
Categories : Storage Ideas

Versatility. Who doesn’t love it? I love pieces that are versatile because I’m getting more for my money!

TRINITY products are versatile! Don’t let the name of our products limit what you can do with them! Just because our 48″ Stainless Steel Table is listed under the Prep Tables category (because that’s what it’s mainly used for) doesn’t mean that it’s limited to that! I have one in our garage by the washer and dryer to not only add shelf space, but also to serve as a space for folding clothes once they get out of the dryer! (I do realize, however, that in certain parts of the country, you don’t have your washer and dryer in the garage because it gets too darn cold in the winter!)

Let me give you another example.

In August, we introduced our Expandable Closet Organizer in Bronze and EcoStorage™ Chrome. Well, I had a space in my house that definitely needed organizing, and upon closer examination, I realized that the Expandable Closet Organizer would a perfect part of my solution! And no, it wasn’t a closet that needed organizing!

We don’t wear shoes in our house, so, everyone has to take their shoes off right when they get home and put them on this shelf that I’ve had for a long time. And, as you can see, it gets pretty messy, both on the shelf and in front of the shelf. And the shelf is, well, ugly.

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